Janice HiltonWords. I love the way they sound. I love the way well chosen words can sound like music.

And when the words come from the Word of God, they’re not only beautiful but powerful . . . lightning that can shock, reveal and leave you awestruck.

It wasn’t until my college days, earning a BA in Christian Education, that I came to appreciate the many things I could accomplish with well written words. Excellent grades for writing and positive reinforcement from professors (“You write with a great deal of clarity”) set me to writing, mostly Bible study curriculum for my church.

But my administrative gifts led me to professional church ministry, then to university administration, then university research . . . all the time serving my church in lay ministry and writing . . . stringing words for a purpose and with clarity in whatever capacity they were needed.

Words are now my profession. With training from the premiere copywriting agents in the world, I am equipped with the high standards of American Writers and Artists Inc. (AWAI). And I know Christians . . . who they are, what they think about, what motivates them.

So, if you need a donation packet, emails and landing pages, a proposal to a charitable foundation, a sales letter, catalog copy, or copy for your website, let’s talk. Whatever you need written for your ministry, I can write it. If I haven’t written it before, AWAI has a program or a mentor to guide me.

Pastors, need help writing that book you’ve been envisioning for years? Or how about targeted curriculum that will help your church members dig deep into the Bible? I have lots of experience.

Contact me today and we can develop a timeline and a budget for your writing project. I look forward to meeting you soon.